Video Conferencing Public Room Rental

Do you need to hold a video conference but are not ready to invest in the necessary equipment? Or, are you anxious to connect unequipped colleagues or customers to your video conference events? InterCall’s public room rental program is just the answer. By renting a public video conferencing room, you can rest assure you will have a quality meeting with the necessary support on hand to assist in any way. All the information you need to get started is outlined below.
Public Room Rental Options

Reserving a public video conferencing room for yourself or for another party is easy. InterCall has established a growing database of close to 10,000 public video conference rooms worldwide, virtually guaranteeing video conference room rentals in any major city around the globe. We have the most up-to-date information on rooms that are available in your area:

Rooms in our network have different size configurations.

Rooms also have equipment variances that can include multiple monitors, VCR or DVD players, or connections that allow computer content to be presented – you can select from a basic video conferencing set-up to an executive board room configuration.

Some rooms have catering services available

Room rates are quotes per hour and depend upon the options available in the location.

InterCall can bridge both multipoint and point-to-point video conferences from all room rental locations using InterCall Video Conference service.

Reserving a Public Room

When booking a room, you will be asked to provide the date and time of your meeting, its expected duration and the number of participants that will be in room. Additionally, if you are looking for a room in the US, you will be asked to provide the city, state and zip code where you would like to room to be located. If you are looking for a room outside of the US, you will be asked to provide the city, country and postal code where you would like to find the room. Or, you may provide the exact address of the user and we will locate the nearest available room!

For additional information about InterCall’s Public Room Rental program, please visit call 216.759.1459
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