MSHOW - Streaming to a large audience for pennies!

Mshow® is a web conferencing solution that lets you use the web to connect with virtually anyone in the world with our premium event conferencing platform. Mshow integrates streaming and interactive broadcasting so you can share your presentation with up to 10,000 participants. To make your event more powerful, you can include animation, embedded video, audio and Flash media or use the slide presentation feature to construct a full multimedia event.

With Mshow you can:

  • Conduct marketing seminars to create awareness, drive demand and build customer relationships.
  • Deliver online training and reach more people in a format that replicates typical classroom interaction.
  • Launch new products to your sales force or customers without taking them out of their offices.
  • Provide financial updates in a timely and accurate manner to the investment community.
  • Communicate corporate announcements to thousands of employees while keeping the message consistent.

Ideal Uses

When you want to host a professional webinar or web conference that highlights your company’s product or announcement, Mshow provides you with a robust web conferencing tool that lets you turn your web seminar into an impressive online event.

Use Mshow for:

  • Company-wide announcements
  • Presentations to analysts and media 
  • Product launches
  • Multimedia events