Using InterCall Unified Meeting will help you accomplish more in your workday. This easyto-use system lets you meet with colleagues, partners and customers in remote locationsin your own online meeting room, without ever leaving your office. Reliable and secure,InterCall Unified Meetings allows you to present PowerPoint ® slides, share applications,quiz and survey participants and show web sites—all with the same impact and results as in-person meetings. So you meet more productively and more often without the time and expense of travel.

Use InterCall Unified Meeting for:

  • Sales presentations
  • Training and e-learning programs
  • Marketing seminars
  • Product launches
  • Departmental meetings
  • Company announcements
  • Collaboration and project management

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable and secure
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Always ready, no reservations required
  • Excuse-free meetings—no participant downloads, compatible with common business tools
  • Manage better audio meetings from the web interface


  • Provide industry-leading levels of access security, network security and content security.
  • Can be customized for each meeting, pass codes set by the moderator.
  • Use 128-bit SSL encryption for your online meetings
  • See all connections to the meeting in the InterCall Unified Meeting interface
  • Option to require participants to pre-register for meetings


Make the most of your meeting time by utilizing a variety of powerful meeting controls.

  • Share applications right from your desktop
  • Create surveys and quizzes and conduct polls
  • Launch desktop video at any time during your meeting
  • Control the phone portion of the meeting using the web—without the hassle of extensive
  • telephone keypad commands.
  • Mute and unmute any or all participants
  • View who is speaking in conference via the “active speaker” icon
  • View the voice status of participants via the online meeting interface


  • Give participants seamless entry to your meetings.
  • No plug-ins or downloads needed for participants to join
  • Participants can join meetings via numerous browsers and operating systems
  • including: IE 6.0 + (Windows), Firefox 1.5 + (Windows/Mac/Linux), Safari 2.0 +
  • (Mac).


Use the global capabilities to offer access to InterCall Unified Meeting from anywhere in

the world. In addition to English, language localization for all major European languages

includes: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Dutch

Support for Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) and Japanese languages is also available.

Web Conferencing in a SaaS Environment

By using InterCall Unified Meeting for your company's conferencing, you let us manage

the software, equipment, development and maintenance so you can focus on your own

systems. InterCall Unified Meeting is well suited to a Software as a Service (SaaS)

delivery model because of its quick deployment, no software or hardware purchases are

necessary and there’s no management or maintenance required.

It is a hosted solution that can be accessed using a web browser and delivered from our

media servers via a SaaS model that offers several benefits:

  • Top level security and system redundancy
  • 24x7 global support in 24 countries
  • Custom training delivered in-person or virtually
  • Comprehensive launch plans
  • Flexible and customizable
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

The Power of InterCall Unified Meeting

InterCall Unified Meeting is the web conferencing system that combines common business tools into a single platform that lets you show people what you’re talking about, hear what they have to say and interact. What you get with InterCall Unified Meeting is a powerful way to bring people together from anywhere in the world—quickly, conveniently and most important, easily. And it is all through a system that you don’t have to develop or maintain.
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