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XLink, Cellular Bluetooth Gateway
The Intellitouch XLINK™ ITC-BT is a bluetooth device that connects up to 3 bluetooth compatible cell phones turning your regular corded and cordless telephones into a cellular multi-line phone system. Whenever any of the connected cell phones ring, all the standard telephones also ring and displays the Caller ID phone number from your cellular phone.

The XLINK™ ITC-BT comes with a built-in USB port to link with your PC for firmware upgrades. Setup is easy; simply connect your standard telephone into the XLINK™ ITC-BT's phone jack while your cell phones connect wirelessly via bluetooth.

XLINK™ ITC-BT Features:

  • Cellular Bluetooth Gateway
  • Connects Up to 3 Cell Phones to Your Standard Telephone
  • Standard Telephone Rings w/ Incoming Cell Phone Calls
  • Displays Cell Phone Caller ID
  • Call Waiting Between Calls on one or Multiple Cellular Phones
  • Integrated Echo Cancellation
    For Optimal Call Quality
  • Voicemail Access
  • Voice Dialing
  • Speed Dialing
  • Automatic and Manual Dialing
  • Built-in USB 2.0 Port for Firmware Upgrades
UPC 765410000704