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SKU: VT-IS9181
Brand: VTech
VTech WiFi Streaming Music Device More details...
Price: $119.58
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Product Details
VTech WiFi streaming music device with access to online contentStream internet radio stationsConnect to your MP3 or CD playerStream digital music files stored on your PC or MacAccess local weather and 5-day forecastBuilt-in FM radio tuner for local FM broadcast servicepreset your favorite stationsConnect to any stereo system or powered speakers to access streaming internet radio or music files stored on a PCConnect your MP3 or CD playerConvenient remote-browse, select and control your music from across the room using the remote controlDigital alarm clock radioHi-Fidelity built-in 3W tuned stereo speakers and a 10W subwoofer with class D amplifier for each speaker that can fill any room with dynamic soundListen to internet radio from the available 11,000 stations with no monthly feePlay music from any audio device (i.e. CD player, MP3 player, etc) Stream digital music files stored on your PC or MacStream internet radio stationsStream music across the 802.11 b/g WiFi network with "Best-in-Class" range. Broadband Internet service and a home WiFi network router are required. One year manufacturer's warrantyVTIS9181

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