EXTERNAL BATTER PACK FOR E500- not comp w/ RM2U series , UPC: 784755150813
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Specifically designed for enterprise-wide networks and challenging environments * Pure sinewave output provides clean, continuous power for critical equipment * Line-interactive voltage regulation protects against all voltage irregularities (sags, surges, spikes, and brownouts) — EMI /RFI filters out line noise and harmonics * Longest warranty in the industry – three (3) years * Scalable, unlimited runtime with daisy-chained external battery packs * External battery packs with independent chargers — the industry’s fastest recharge * Double Boost and Double Buck voltage regulation extends battery life * Space-saving 16-inch depth accommodates large plugs in cramped quarters * SNMP-capable for easy, Web-based remote power management * MINUTEMAN Sentry II™ Power Management Software included * Built-in fax / modem /and data protection * Front-access, hot-swappable batteries * Universal design for rackmount, wallmount, tower, or desktop installation