Nel-Tech MSG-64T Messager MP3 with Media Card Music On Hold Device MSG-64T designed to provide a continuous-play audio source for message-onhold, UPC: 896990002045
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Product Details
    The Messager MP3 is a state-of-the-art digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous-play audio source for message-onhold,

    background music or any other audio application where high-quality audio playback is required. Messages are stored on non-volatile removable flash media cards called Message Mates, and are available in capacities from the

    base 64-minutes to well over 8-hours of storage. The Messager is capable of playback of MP3 files from 8Kbps all the way up to full CD-quality audio playback of 128Kbps/48KHz.

    Message Mates can be programmed using the Messager MP3+ and a standard PC running Windows XP or above. Simply plug a USB cable from the Messager into an available USB port on your computer and the Message Mate plugged into the Messager will show up as a removable drive. Once connected, files can be added or removed by a simple drag-and-drop, just like you would with a digital camera card or any other type of removable media. No special software is required - just plug and go!

Additional Details

    Product Features
    • 64-minute removable media
    • Continuous playback
    • Plays standard MP3 files
    • Support to 128Kbps/48KHz files
    • Store single or multiple messages
    • USB connection (Messager MP3+ only)
    • LED status indicator
    • No special software needed
    • Modern case design
    • Exceptional dealer support
    • 5-year parts and labor warranty
    • Manufactured in the USA