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Brand: Zyxel
ZyXEL, G202, G-202 - Wireless USB Adapter w/Desktop Base, UPC: , Fax/Servers/Gateways
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For PCs to share network resources and/or Internet access without connecting with an Ethernet cable, install a wireless client adaptor in each PC. Depending on the type of interface available, you can choose from USB, PCMCIA/Cardbus or PCI wireless client adaptors.Multi-use form factor with included USB weighted base for flexible deployment options Fully compliant with IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g WPA and WPA2 certified for maximum security thwarting would-be intruders Certified with WMM *Wi-Fi MultiMedia* for QoS control for heavy loading applications perfect for VoIP, Streaming Multimedia, and Online Gaming Complete Wi-Fi and WHQL certified for operation for other certified products Setup Wizard included for easy installation Software Access Point feature makes sharing Internet a breeze