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TeleVoIP Stick TVS-301 Brings Skype to mainstream consumers. Offers best of both worlds PSTN reliability and E911 access; Skype savings and features
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TeleVoIP Stick
The TeleVoIP Stick is a revolutionary residential VoIP communication system that allows the user to access Voice over Internet Protocol technology with their existing phone equipment. With Multi-Links patented equipment, the user can enjoy new levels of convenience, choice, and control in everyday communications.

The TeleVoIP Stick blends VoIP access with the users current land line (POTS) phone service, thereby optimizing call options without changing normal calling habits. The TeleVoIP Stick has two main components: the control switch (hardware) and TeleVoce Connected software.

The control switch converts analog phones into VoIP phones without losing analog features. The software program runs on the user PC and acts as a decision engine which can access either the users VoIP provider or the land line. The rules for outbound calling are user-defined.
  • Fully interactive GUI
  • The TeleVoIP Stick will automatically route 911 calls to your current land line phone services provider
  • PSTN fail-over in power outages or network service interruptions
  • Transparent VoIP access to standard analog phones
  • PC software provides least cost routing capability
  • Calling habits remain the same!
  • Free call forwarding
  • Overcome E911 concerns and objections
  • Break away from the PC softphone and bring Skype to existing home phones
  • Brings Skype to mainstream consumers
  • Offers best of both worlds PSTN reliability and E911 access; Skype savings and features
  • Evolving, upgradeable PC platform lets users customize their own personal communication center