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If you want to broadcast your message to a large or geographically dispersed audience, Mshow’s streaming feature lets you reach thousands of people cost-effectively with streaming audio and streaming video.

Whether you’re hosting an investor relations call, press conference or an important company-wide announcement, streaming lets your participants hear and see your presentation using the web. You can stream the live audio portion or the entire presentation, including slides, or have it archived for later playback.

The best part is that no special equipment is needed to initiate or attend a stream, just a PC with connection to the Internet and speakers. To notify participants, send the link via email or post it to your company website.

Streaming Audio

Streaming audio lets you broadcast the audio portion of your conference and your audience will hear your voice over the Internet using a free streaming media player, such as Windows Media® Player or RealPlayer®.
  • Flexible Archiving

    Increase web site stickiness and provide a historical record of your communication. Archives are available for playback within 24 hours after your call. You can create an archived stream from just about any type of media, including tapes, CDs and digital recordings.

  • Editable Content

    Manage the content of your archived conferences. Streaming lets you download the archived audio file, edit it and then upload the new edited version.

  • Scalable Events

    Meet your streaming capacity needs with automatic event scaling. Invite thousands to attend your event and take as much time as you need to deliver your message—you will not get cut short and no one will get blocked out.

  • Registration Page

    View a list of the guests who have joined your call. Collect any type of information from your audience, such as company name, email address or whatever pertains to your event.

  • Security

    Protect your registration page with a password, ensuring that your conference will be attended by invited guests only.

Streaming Audio With Video & Multimedia

Stream the audio portion of your conference as well as the slides and other multimedia. Slides are automatically synchronized to create a seamless presentation. In addition to all of our audio features, adding slides gives you several other options for your stream.
  • Customized Presentations

    Let our custom content services assist you in creating a presentation that ranges from a basic PowerPoint to a full multimedia presentation, including video or Flash animation.

  • Invitations

    Send Outlook-integrated email invitations and reminders to your audience to inform them of important show information and increase your event's attendance levels.

  • Additional Features

    Encourage audience participation with chat, polling and post-conference surveys. You determine which features your audience will be able to access.


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