About Us

ABC Conferencing, based in Sheffield Village, Ohio, is a female owned company that brings conferencing (audio, video and web) users directly to the largest conferencing services company in the world.  We offer conferencing services with no contractual agreement, closing costs, or minimum commitment.
Along with conferencing services, we stock over 50,000 brand new products for our customers and resellers. New and recurring product customers enjoy the channel of blind shipping units directly to their customer(s).
We also encompass a suite of resellers, both conferencing services and product resellers.  These resellers are offerred many additional benefits that allows them to focus on their core competetency.
Why ABC Conferencing and Intercall?
ABC Conferencing is a master reseller for Intercall, offering the lowest conferencing rates for our customers.   With lowest rates in the industry, coupled with Intercall's outstanding conferencing services, ABC Conferencing has a 96% retention since 2002. Our customers, one of our largest sales channel, have referred small and Fortune 100 companies to assist in saving conferencing and product costs.