InterCall Mobile Assistant Features

Conference Dialing

  • Single Button Conference Joining
    The InterCall Mobile Assistant allows you to join InterCall audio conferences with a single button on your mobile phone. Once the call has been initiated, you will be placed into the audio conference without having to enter the conference code or Leader PIN.
  • Join as a Participant or Leader
    Whether you are the Leader or a participant, the InterCall Mobile Assistant can get you into the conference with the touch of a button! True one-click conference joining.
  • Create up to 128 Conference Profiles
    The InterCall Mobile Assistant supports up to 128 individual conference profiles. This allows you to add conference information for everything from your weekly staff meeting to a one-time project status call. You can enter and change the conference information at anytime.
  • Supports navigation buttons and Touch screens
    The Mobile Assistant supports the native navigation and selection methods on your phone. This includes the 5-way buttons, thumbwheel, action keys and even touch screen systems. You can even program the custom keys on the phone to initiate the application at any time!
  • Phone Based Application for Speed and Always-On Availability
    Because the InterCall Mobile Assistant is installed and runs completely on your phone it is always available and fast. No internet connection is required and no waiting for another system to initiate any action; it all happens on your phone.
  • BlackBerry® Exclusive - Conference Controls
    The BlackBerry edition of InterCall Mobile Assistant allows you to control many aspects of your conference. These features include Recording, Mute, Roll Call, conference lock and participant dial-out.
  • Supports Multiple Mobile Platforms
    InterCall is working to provide the InterCall Mobile Assistant on as many business-class mobile phones as possible. Currently, the feature is available on Windows Mobile 5.0 and BlackBerry phones.
  • Provided Free of Charge to InterCall customers - FREE!
    InterCall is proud to provide you, our users, with this application to make joining conferences easier from your mobile phones free of charge. All conferencing charges and other service fees still apply.
  • First of many Mobile applications from InterCall 

Installation and Setup

  • Install application using ActiveSync or Over-the-Air (OTA) for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.
    You have the option of either downloading to your PC workstation and installing via ActiveSync or installing completely Over-The-Air (OTA) directly from your phone.
  • Maintains current profiles
    The InterCall Mobile Assistant can be re-installed and/or upgraded without losing your individual profile settings.
  • Create Conference Profiles
    Once installed, you can create individual conference profiles by selecting New Profile. This will bring up a form where you can enter the name, conference dial-in number, conference code and optional Leader PIN (if you are the leader).
  • Edit and Delete conference profiles
    Windows Mobile 5 - To edit or delete an existing conference profile, click and hold on the profile button. A menu will appear to allow you to Edit, Delete or Call. Editing the profile will allow you to view and update the configuration settings for that profile.
    BlackBerry - Highlight the profile to edit and click the thumbwheel. Select "Edit" from the menu and proceed to edit the profile. Click the thumbwheel again to save the changes.



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