Video Conferencing Tips

Before the Meeting

1 Familiarize yourself with the video equipment. Plan to use camera presets and change camera positions often for more interesting and active meetings.

2 Set your objectives, list desired results and prioritize topics to be discussed.

3 Prepare visuals and helpful graphics.

4 Confirm the persons participating in the meeting and their availability to attend.

5 Choose a Chairperson for the master site and a leader for each additional site. The Chairperson should be the one to open and close the meeting.

6 Have materials distributed to each site.

7 Each conference site should plan to have clearly displayed identification tags, signage, and a clock.

As the Meeting Begins

1 Introduce yourself and begin your meeting by stating your agenda.

2 Hold roll-call for each location and introduce all participants, including those off camera.

3 Relax and be yourself. Imagine that the people on the other side are sitting across from you. Always speak clearly and naturally.

During the Meeting

1 There is a slight delay in transferring video through a network. Allow the on-screen speaker to finish before responding. Double-talking can cause rapid switching between sites.

2 All sites other than the one speaking should use the mute button and unmute only when they wish to speak.

3 Be aware of which camera is in use. If the camera switches to show visuals, remember to switch it back when you return to your discussion.

4 Make sure to alert the other parties before sending graphics, so as not to be sending simultaneously.

5 Create more participation by asking questions.

6 Be considerate. Do not cough into microphones, tap your fingers, or carry on side conversations.

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