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Actiontec Electronics, Inc, EX07050C-01-D, VoSKY Exchange Pro VIS8-DEMO, UPC: 789286806888, Fax/Servers/Gateways
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Features Supports 4 inbound and/or outbound calls concurrently Supports up to 10,000 pre-programmed speed-dial numbers Able to remotely configure the speed-dial phone book Centralizes all Skype activities to a single computer, simplifying account management, usage and billing. Excellent sound quality with Skype Automatically finds a free line/port for the incoming or outgoing Skype call OFFHOOK and ONHOOK detection Busy tone generation or detection to prevent line locking Works with the existing PBX to provide other telephony features such as Call Transfer, Call Pickup, Call Hold, Call Waiting, Conference Call etc. (PBX dependent) Software auto-detects new revision and generates a pop-up window on the computer screen Troubleshooting: Skype Status Detection Skype Crash Detection USB Unplug Detection Line Locking Detection System Log Supports NAT Transversal (based on Skype) Supports proxy server (based on Skype) Skype Features Supported Skype Call SkypeOut SkypeWeb