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XAP 400 - 4 Channel AEC Microphone Mixer with built in telephone hybrid and amplifier 910-151-201 XAP
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Out of stock; discontinued. See 910-158-840
Product Details
  • Distributed Echo Cancellation® on every mic input
  • Noise cancellation on each mic/line input
  • Full-duplex sound enables participants to speak and listen at the same time without cutting in and out
  • First-mic priority eliminates hollow “tunnel” sound by activating only the microphone closest to the person speaking
  • Four microphone/line inputs, with four additional line inputs
  • Eight outputs
  • 20 Hz-20 kHz bandwidth for full-range audio response
  • Automatic level control and automatic gain control
  • Four input filters on each of four mic inputs
  • 15 filters on each of four independent processing blocks
  • Manufacturer SKU: XAP 400