SKU: KX-T7453-B
Digital, 24-Ln , LCD - Black 3-Line Backlit Display
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Product Details
The KX-T7453-B is a Digital Super Hybrid System 3-Line Backlit LCD Display Speakerphone Telephone. This model is the most popular digital 7400 series phone produced for the KX-TD systems. The large display and 24 programmable buttons makes this phone a great value versus the KX-T7431 and KX-T7456 models. Also, the black color retains it's color and luster versus the white version (KX-T7453).


  • Backlit LCD display for enhanced visibility even in complete darkness
  • Three-position back light control switch—off, low, and high
  • System powered—no external power supply needed
  • Compatible with all Panasonic digital super hybrid systems
  • No system upgrade required
  • No limitation to number of phones that can be installed (limited only by system capacity)
  • Replaces KX-T7433
  • Discontinued, please purchase KX-T7736-B, replacement.