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Lens, 2.9 - 8.0mm Vari Focal Length PLZ29/27 CCTV
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Panasonic PLZ29/27

Auto Iris Lens, 1/3" 2x3.8-8mm

Vari-focal lens designed for day/night use that incorporates an advanced aspherical glass system. In areas with a varying light source, it will enhance overall brightness and sharpness while acting to reduce focus shift when used with B/W cameras. Compact and lightweight, this lens is compatible with any CS mount camera including Panasonic vandal proof cameras and offers full iris control via an auto iris DC connection.


  • Aspherical Lens
    Enhances overall brightness and sharpness in all lighting conditions while correcting focus shift in B/W cameras.
  • Auto Iris DC
    Iris is fully automatic when connected to an auto iris DC equipped camera.
  • Compatible with Vandal Proof Cameras
    Compatible with any CS-mount camera including Panasonic's WV-NW474S, WV-CW244 or WV-CW474A Series of vandal-proof mini dome cameras. Only the factory installed lens qualifies for the 100 lb vandal-proof rating.
  • Lock Mechanism
    Compact and lightweight, this durable lens is designed to fit a wide range of camera sizes and housings and employs a ring lock system to prevent zoom and focus shifting once mounting is complete.