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Plantronics IP40 Internet Protocol based Headset Platform
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Product Details
Achieve robust, reliable voice quality and reduce desktop clutter with the groundbreaking Plantronics IP40. Our new IP-based audio processor plugs directly into the Ethernet. Unlike a soft phone, the IP40 does not require expensive PC upgrades to support voice traffic and guarantees audio connectivity because the voice path is independent of the PC. The IP40 simplifies contact center desktops and lowers costs by eliminating the need for redundant IP desk phones and additional agent training. Compatible with a range of Plantronics professional grade headsets, the IP40 features plug-and-play installation and key call control buttons right on the device.
  • Reliable “always on” audio
  • Voice stream independent of the PC
  • IP Telephone not required for calls
  • Fewer devices, less cost
  • Fewer devices, less training
  • Desktop simplicity
  • Smaller footprint
  • Key call control buttons on device
  • PC can share IP40 network connection
  • Powered with PoE
  • For Plantronics professional grade headsets
  • Plug-and-play installation