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Aastra Connector Desk phone and soft phone Bundle (1 license) w/1 yr. Maintenance
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Product Details
  • Toolbar and tray icon for non-intrusive desktop profile
  • Type name into telephony toolbar to automatically pull phone numbers out of Active Directory
  • Automatically sets your instant messaging presence state based on your call state
  • Multi-profile support
  • Invoke Windows Search for e-mails and documents containing caller’s name and number
  • Ability to use Windows telephony location
  • Definable dialing rules
  • Dial number from tray or taskbar
  • Dial extensions
  • Drag and dial a number from any application
  • Incoming call pop-up and answer by clicking
  • Display caller ID in text entry field in toolbar
  • Search Active Directory contacts based on caller ID
  • Search Outlook contacts based on incoming call
  • Open caller’s contact record in Outlook