Viking Electronics Digital Clock with 2.5" Tall Numbers
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Viking's Wireless Clock System provides reliable, accurately synchronized clocks for your entire facility. Eliminating dedicated clock wiring can save you thousands of dollars on installation and also allows for easy retrofitting of an exisiting installation. The system is comprised of a CTG-2 master clock, a CL-RFT clock RF transmistter and Analog or Digital wireless slave clocks. Working on Viking's 915-928MHz fequency hopping technology eliminates interference with other wireless products and requires no FCC license, eliminating extraneous fees. The received signal remains strong even under the effects of noise, obstructions or long distances which tend to decrease the signal to noise ratio. Installation is a cinch for our wireless clocks, just insert the batteries or connect power and hang them. That's it.

Viking's CL Series wireless clocks incorporate multi-function software as well as a microprocessor based movement. The clocks include automatic calibration, as well as enhanced diagnostic functionalities that allow the user to view the quality of the signal, how long since the last time the clock received a signal, and a comprehensive analysis of the clock itself and remaining battery life. The 12 and 16 inch wireless Analog clocks receive an RF clock data update every 4 hours (standard) or 12 hours (economy) allowing for a battery life of over 5 years. The 2.5 and 4 inch digital clocks are powered by an included 24V power adapter and receive an RF clock data update every minute.

Viking also offers a complete line of accessories for the Analog or Digital clocks such as: double mount housings, wire guards and surface mount housings (for digital clocks only).
    Using the CTG-2, CL-RFT and CL Series Clocks:

  • Wirelessly synchronize all clocks in your facility to the Atomic clock
  • Signal the beginning and end of class periods, breaks and lunch periods for schools
  • Signal the beginning and end of shifts, breaks and lunch periods for factories/businesses
  • Provide trigger controlled emergency alert messages for fire, flood, severe weather, lock down, etc.
  • Provide messages at specific times for store sales, promotions, closing times, airport loading zones, etc.
  • Provide Auxiliary contact activation at specific times for specific durations for controlling lights, cameras, unlocking doors/gates, etc.


  • 915 - 928 MHz frequency-hopping technology
  • Internal antenna
  • Built-in diagnostic mode for easy maintenance
  • Receives the RF Sync signal once a minute
  • Immediate correction for time change
  • 12 or 24 hour format
  • Two (2) levels of adjustable brightness
  • Loss of communication alert
  • Available in red 2.5" and 4" displays
  • FCC Compliant


  • Display Digit Size: 2.5" (6.35 cm) and 4.0" (10.16 cm) tall
  • Display Color: Vibrant Red
  • Number of Digits: 4 digits
  • Visibility: CL-D2: 100 ft. (30.48 m), CL-D4: 250 ft. (76.2 m)
  • Bezel Color: Anti-glare red
  • Bezel Size (HxW): CL-D2: 4.69" (11.91 cm) x 10.31" (26.19 cm) CL-D4: 6.75" (17.15 cm) x 13.31" (33.8 cm)
  • Temperature Range: Operating: 0°C - 45°, Storage: -15°C - 75°C
  • Operating Frequency: 915 - 928 MHz frequency-hopping technology
  • Input Sensitivity: -103 dBm
  • Input Voltage for CL-D2: 12 - 30 VDC, 12 - 30 VAC
  • Input Voltage for CL-D4: 16 - 28 VDC, 14 - 28 VAC
  • CL-D2 Average Current Consumption (maximum brightness): 85 mA @ 24 VAC
  • CL-D4 Average Current Consumption (maximum brightness): 190 mA @ 24VAC
  • Display Format: 12 or 24 hour mode
  • Brightness: Two levels, adjustable
  • Mounting: Surface or double mount
  • Compliance: FCC compliant, part 15 section 15,247