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Wirexpress Siemon S66m1-50R Network Interface Blocks
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Product Details
The M1-50 is a proven, economical connecting block solution for category 5e network cabling. These features make this block an ideal choice for supporting today's high bandwidth technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Gigabit ethernet. The M1-50 66 block is fully compatible with all industry standard accessories and includes a wide range of available mounting accessories that allows the M1-50 to be installed in almost any environment. The M1-50 block oriented for bottom cable entry with female 25-pair connector pre-wired to Row D.
  • VoIP and 1000BASE-T Ready — Ideal for use with all category 5e applications including VoIP and Gigabit ethernet
  • Wide AWG Range — Terminates 22 - 26 AWG (0.81 - 0.41mm) solid insulated cable or 18 - 19 AWG (1.02 - 0.91mm) solid stripped cable
  • Durable Design — High impact flame retardant thermoplastic
  • Integral Jumper Management — Fanning strips provide management for horizontal cabling and cross-connect jumper wires and provides a labeling surface for circuit identification
  • S89 Compatible — Mounts to S89 series stand-off brackets to provide space for routing cables behind each block
  • Mounts using S89D bracket (included)
  • Blue/white wiring between 25-pair connector and S66 quick clipsOrange hinged cover also included