Panasonic KX-TH102-C 3-Line Dig. Expand Cordless System w/ Cellular & B/W Video
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Panasonic 2-Line Digital Expandable Cordless System w/Cellular and Video Capability and Hearing Aid Compatibility (KXTH102C) Features Panasonic MultiTalk V cellular connection package 2.4GHz 2-Line cordless telephone with base unit and digital answering system Expandable up to 18 devices (up to 8 KX-THA17 cordless handsets max,and up to 10 other devices such as KX-THA13, KX-THA14, Bluetooth headsets, and cellular phones (max5 cell phones)) 3 Color light-up indicator with ringer (4 available options)/message alert on handset Caller ID linked feature (ringer ID andlight up ID) 50# Caller ID memory and dialer 50# Phonebook and dialer Talking caller ID Call waiting caller ID Conference capability Recordable customized ringer USB port (phonebook download, feature setup, and answering system file operation) Dual keypads Digital duplex speakerphone on base and handset Wall mountable Compatible cell phone models: Audiovox SMT5600, LG PM-325, Motorola MPx220/RAZRV3/V330/V550/V551/V600/V710/A630/ROKRE1/E815, Nokia 6230/6620/6820/7610, Samsung SCH-i730, Siemens SX66/S56, Sony Ericsson T610/K700i/S710A, Panasonic X70 (visit www.panasonic.com/multitalkv for more info) 3-Line backlit LCD on handset and base Handset and charger are separate from base (base is astand alone unit) Hold/mute/pause/flash/redial Line 1 and Line 2 buttons on handset and base Transfer/intercom Dual antenna on base Data link Cell phone adds 3rd line Digital answering system 60 Minutes of record time 1 Year manufacturer's warranty SEE ACCESSORIES: KX-THA11, KX-THA12, KX-THA13, KX-THA14, KX-THA16, KX-THA17 REPLACEMENT BATTERY: BATT-104 Possible Uses: Example #1 Cordless System: KX-TH102-C and KX-THA16 or KX-THA17 or KX-THA11/12 Takes advantage of basic systems features for the home or office. Example #2 Cellular Connection Option: KX-TH102-C and KX-THA16 or KX-THA17 or KX-THA11/12 Add a cell phone to make andreceive cell phone calls using the system. Programmable ring tones allow you to tell the difference between landline and cell calls. Cell phone line can be used as a 3rd line. Example #3 Use the Video Phone: KX-TH102-C and KX-THA16 or KX-THA17 or KX-THA12 Communicate face to face with anyone in the world who also has a video phone using ITU-T H.324 technology Example #4 Video Monitoring: KX-TH102-C and KX-THA16 or KX-THA17 or KX-THA12, and a KX-THA13 Allows color video montoring. KX-THA13 records pictures and beeps when a sound and/or motion sensor is activated. You can alsopage and video intercom with other color video monitor units in your system. Example #5 Data Link: KX-TH102-C and KX-THA16 or KX-THA17 or KX-THA11/12 and a KX-THA14 Provides wireless internet access for both dial-up and high speed internet users; as well as wireless data transfer between computers