SKU: P870HW-I1
Brand: Zyxel
ZyXel 802.11g Wireless VDSL2 4-port Gateway
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High-speed VDSL2 Gateway for Triple Play Services

VDSL2 high-speed and high-performance Internet access

VDSL2 is the next generation technology of VDSL, providing significantly higher bandwidth than other DSL technologies. It is designed to increase both of downstream and upstream rates as well as the reach over copper wires in order to fulfill more and more bandwidth-consuming applications in business and residential environment.
Through the bandwidth increased to 30MHz in DMT modulation, Trellis/Viterbi coding, echo cancellation and VLR technology, the P-870HW-I1 is capable of supporting high-speed VDSL2 downstream/upstream transmission to 100/100Mbps* over the existing copper lines. The P-870HW-I1 with VDSL2 technology provides Triple Play services such as voice, video, data, High Definition Television (HDTV) and interactive gaming, and leads the users to experience the completed and the brand-new home communication/ entertainment package services.

802.11g wireless with OTIST simple-secured configuration

The P-870HW-I1 is compliant with the 802.11g wireless standard which allows data transmission speeds reach up to 54Mbps. Furthermore, ZyXEL's "One-Touch Intelligent Security Technology" (OTIST) automatically establishes the highest level of WPA-PSK security between the P-870HW-I1 and either a desktop or laptop computer. With the seamless Security, the P-870HW-I1 guards and protects the end user from any outside threat

Advanced Media Bandwidth Management (MBM) QoS

By the sophisticated MBM application features, the P-870HW-I1 equips with the advanced QoS algorithms and packet prioritization and then ensures the high-quality delivery of delay-sensitive video and voice services. With the MBM QoS, end users can enjoy the video-on-demand, on-line gaming, and FTP traffic with high-quality performance in the household.

Robust SPI firewall protection

The ICSA-certified ZyNOS operating system ensures state-of-art firewall performance and robust security from the P-870HW-I1. Based on Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Denial of Service (DoS ) and DDoS features, the P-870HW-I1 provides the first line defense against hackers, network intruders, and other harmful threats.

TR-069 remote manageability

Compliant with DSL's forum's TR-069 remote management specification, the P-870HW-I1 is highly manageable with the default Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) for auto-configuration and dynamic service provisioning, software/firmware image management, status and performance monitoring and diagnostics. By these provision value-added services, the P-870HW-I1 with TR-069 helps VDSL service provider reduce operation effort as well as enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Extremely high connection speed
  • 802.11g wireless with One-Touch Intelligent Security Technology (OTIST)
  • Media Bandwidth Management (MBM) QoS
  • Robust SPI firewall protection