SKU: 80-6111-2757-4
Wirexpress Hotmelt SC-Connector Hot Melt, multimode
Price: $401.27
Product Details
Insertion Loss (dB) Typical Field Mount (one mated pair) @ 1300 nm: <0.2

Reflection (dB) Typical Field Mount: -25

Connection Durability (dB) Change after 500 matings: <0.2

Operating Temperature Connector Only (cable dependent): -10° to 60°C (14° to 140°F)

Storage Temperature: -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)

Cable Tension Straight Pull: <0.5 dB increase at 11.24 lbs.

Cable Tension Side Pull: <0.5 dB increase at 3 lbs.

Testing Specifications: TIA

Boot: Thermoplastic Elastomer

Connector Housing and Body: Engineered Resin

Material Connector Ferrule: Zirconia Ceramic

Flame Retardancy: UL-94 V-0