Wirexpress Corning Pretium® Connector Housing, 4 rack units, holds 12 CCH connector panels
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Product Details
Corning Cable Systems offers a variety of Pretium® Connector Housings designed for the LAN and data center environment. Mountable in 19- or 23-in (optional) equipment racks or cabinets, the housings are four inches deeper than standard connector housings and provide easy, open access to connectors for cleaning, moves and additions or other changes.

The PCH-01U and PCH-02U have a removable latching top that slides forward to provide superior access to interior components after installation. These housings accept two and four Corning Cable Systems CCH connector panels or modules. The panels and modules are available in a wide variety of port counts and connector styles, with blank panels providing a finished look for unused positions.

The PCH-04U accepts 12 CCH connector panels or modules and contains an integral hinged horizontal jumper manager on the front of the housing. The manager can be locked in the “up” position for an additional 1U of horizontal jumper management. Left in the default “down” position, it provides additional capacity for jumper routing along the top of the housing for a true Zero-U solution.

The units include the patented universal cable clamp for cable strain-relief and optional splicing accessories are available. The housings have rugged metal construction and are shipped with everything needed for installation.
  • Compatible with Plug & Play™ Systems modules
    Designed to support Plug & Play Systems applications
  • Splice in the housing
    Saves rack space and the cost of the second housing
  • Removable top (1U, 2U)
    Maximizes ease of access
  • Transparent front door (04U and 02U)
    Permits viewing while protecting installed patch cords
  • Large removable fiber guides in front
    Effectively manage high patch cord densities