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VHF 1-WATT/ 1-CHAVHF 1-watt / 1-channel radio produces clearer audio at higer volumes, Tougher construction that meets MilSpec 810 and IP54 to be weatherproof, shockproof, drop-proof. Longer battery life: all XTN rechargeable batteries last up to 15 hours and the units can accomodate AA batteries for emergency situations. Talk range up to 200,000 square feet, 10 floors, 5 miles with 1-watt radios, up to 250,000 square feet, 20 floors, or 6 miles (range may vary depending on terrain and conditions) More frequencies (27 VHF and 56 UHF with 121 codes, including 83 digital private line codes) XTN radios offer Cloning allowing synchronizing of all radios in larg fleets with multi unit charger. All XTN radios feature LCD Displays allowing for easier programming. XTN radios are downward compatible with the Spirit radio line.