SKU: 23200RE3
Brand: RCA/GE
Cell Docking Station, Base & Cordless Handset 23200RE3 Mobile Dock Stations
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Cell Docking Station, Base & Cordless Handset
Bring your phones together! Our new RCA Cell Docking System combines the comfort and convenience of your home phone with the flexibility and long distance minutes of your cell phone. The RCA 23200RE3 includes a base with rechargeable cradle and a 2.4 GHz cordless handset. Just place your cell phone into the docking station base and switch between home and cell phone services on the cordless handset. The docking station charges your cell phone automatically! And, don’t worry if you are on the phone when another call comes in. The RCA 23200RE3 acts as a second phone line by supporting two people at the same time - one person is able to make or receive a home line telephone call while the other is on a cellular call.