SKU: 25202RE3
Brand: RCA/GE
2-Line Corded Speakerphone CI/CW 25202RE3 2 Line corded, UPC: 044319301236
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Product Details
  • "New call" indicator ensures you don't miss any! Keep track of when you're needed — visually! "New call" green light indicator below the LCD display lets you know when you've got an incoming call. Now you can quickly switch from your current call to that important incoming call you've been waiting for. "Voicemail" light indicator on base flashes when you've got messages waiting; flashing stops once messages are reviewed. Must subscribe to local phone company's voice messaging service for these features to activate.
  • 2 incoming lines for busy homes. Ideal for the home office! System receives calls on 2 separate phone lines — so you can conduct work and household business at the same time. Distinctive ring for each line lets you "hear" which call's for you. "Line in use" indicator lets you see at a glance whether the line's free.
  • Hands-free talking with full-service speakerphone. Need to do more than just talk on the phone? Use the speakerphone when you need your hands free for the computer, notepad or anything else. Phone is headset compatible for added freedom of movement.
  • ID callers before answering — with Call Waiting/Caller ID† capability. Always be prepared! Call Waiting and Caller ID capabilities mean you know when you have incoming calls — AND who they are. The 99-name/number Caller ID memory lets you see who called while you were away.
  • Backlit 4-line LCD is easy to read. The spacious Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) area records the name/number, time/day and number of new calls to be reviewed. Text can be displayed in 3 languages for your convenience: English, Spanish or French.
  • 3-way conferencing makes meeting easy. It's easy to get everyone together! You can add up to 2 outside callers to your conversation with the handy conference feature.
  • 16-number speed dial memory makes communication a breeze! Spend your time discussing, not dialing! Contact up to 16 frequently called numbers with 1 touch — by assigning each a speed dial button.
  • 90 name/number directory saves time! No more hunting for phone numbers! Convenient memory index lets you keep up to 90 names and numbers in your phone's recorded memory for quick and easy recall.
  • Connect communication devices to phone with data port. Use the data port located on the phone to hook up a fax, modem, answering machine — even a cordless phone! Line selector switch assigns 1 of the 2 phone lines to the externally connected device.
  • Speaker, handset and ringer volume adjust for sound control. Monitor the acceptable level of noise for your work area — by independently adjusting the volume of the speakerphone, handset and ringer.
  • Battery backup capability for uninterrupted service. Battery backup uses 3 AA-size alkaline batteries (not included) in case of power failure. Phone lines and AC power cord are also included.
  • †Call Waiting/Caller ID service required from your local telephone company.