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One-X Quick Edition IP 4621 700387830 Avaya One-X Quick Edition
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One-X Quick Edition IP 4621


4621 IP Quick Edition Features

  • Robust Built-In Features - Preloaded with one-X Quick Edition software providing a full-range of powerful telephony features
  • Display7 linex 29 character backlit display for improved contrast. (168 x 80 pixel 4-grayscale)
  • 10 Fixed Feature Buttons
  • - Conference, headset, transfer, drop, redial, speaker, hold, mute, volume up and down
  • 12 Programmable Feature Buttons- Provided in a single page of 12 matching the 12 physical display buttons
  • Integrated Voicemail w/Message Waiting Indicator -
  • Built-in voicemail with 20 minutes of storage
  • Speakerphone - Two-way hands-free speaker and microphone
  • Upgradeable Firmware - Downloadable software for future upgrade compatibility
  • Desk or Wall Mountable - Includes adjustable desk stand
  • Ethernet Ports - Two port full-duplex 10/100 BaseT Ethernet switch for PC pass through connection.  Auto negotiation provided separately for each port, 802.3 Flow Control, phone has priority over PC at all times
  • Hearing Aid Compatible

Requirements and Compatibility

  • Compatible with other 4610 and 4621 Quick Edition telephones within the Avaya one-X Quick Edition network
  • Powered by 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) or by 1151 series local power supply (see accessory below)
  • Requires G11 FXO or G20 BRI gateway for PSTN connectivity
  • Also compatible with SIP -based (VoIP) service provider networks