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BluStar Application Server (BAS)
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Portico TVA A /24 Port/2FXO

Aastra BluStar Application Server (BAS)

The Aastra BluStar Application Server (BAS) is the heart of the BluStar standalone video conference and collaboration infrastructure. The BAS acts as the command center for the solution providing advanced conferencing & collaboration features. Based on industrial grade rack mountable INTEL server(s), the BAS is equipped with equipped with quad-core processors, onboard hard disk and DVD/CD drives and internal DDR3 memory. The BAS provides a powerful platform that meets the processing needs of the BluStar Application. The standard server configuration is a single server running the BluStar application firmware.

A High Availability BluStar Application Server configuration (HA BAS) is also available. The HA BAS consists of two identical single node servers networked together via a null modem cable. The HA capability is activated via special configuration of the BluStar Application firmware once the two servers are connected. The HA configuration provides redundancy of servers, system configuration and user data ensuring added reliability for large systems or mission critical deployments.

The BAS comes pre-installed with the Linux operating system and the BluStar application firmware pre-installed. All low level and system level configuration is complete ready for customers to configure to meet their specific needs.

The advanced software and hardware architecture of the BluStar solution delivers a powerful video conferencing & collaboration solution, reducing travel needs and increasing employee productivity.

Part Number: 82-00001AAA-A