59523-000 disocnt., replaced by 59523-001

SKU: 59523-000
Brand: Clarity
XLC3.6+ HS Amplified Cordless Handset
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59523-000 disocnt., replaced by 59523-001
59523-000 disocnt., replaced by 59523-001
Product Details
59523-001 will ship.

Hear clearly with amplification over 50 decibels and four (4) tone settings
Amplifies outgoing speech up to 15 decibels for others to hear you better
Loud and clear speakerphone for hands-free conversations
High contrast Caller ID screen with large font and Talking Caller ID
Illuminated talking dial pad with large buttons that speak the number that is pushed
Extra loud, flashing ringer with adjustable tones and voicemail indicator
Hearing aid compatible and TIA-1083 compliant
Direct connection to assistive listening devices or headset (2.5mm or 3.5mm)
Works only with XLC3.4+ or C4220+ as an extra handset
One (1) year limited warranty