SKU: ATT-ML17929
Brand: VTech
2-Line Speakerphone with Caller ID/CW
Price: $48.44
Product Details
Line Status Indicator
- Keeps a caller on the line while you do other things.
- Provides privacy by allowing you to hear your caller, but prevents the caller from hearing you.
- Ringer Volume Control
- RoHS Compliant
- Last 5 Number Redial
- Allow you to speak and listen without holding the handset. This leaves your hands free to do other things and lets more people in on the conversation.
-Stores up to 18 phone numbers for easy dialing.
- Receiver/Speakerphone/Headset Volume Control
-2.5mm headset jack
- Power Failure Operation
- Voicemail Waiting Indicator (COVM) **
- DSL Compatible (splitter/filters not included)
- Flash
- On-Hook Dialing
- Programmable Pause
- Wall Mountable
- Allows you to have a 3-way conversation between you and 2 other parties.
- English/Spanish Voice Prompts (For US version)
- Data Port
- Chain Dialing
- Program up to 100 names and associated phone numbers in the handset.
-Quickly access the directory entries by scrolling alphabetically or entering the first letter of a name.
-Dial and receive calls on two different phone lines.