E750RM2U discont, replaced by E750RTXL2U

E750RTXL2U: 750VA Sine-wave, Line Int., Rack/Tower/Wall, Extended Runtime UPS (3-year warranty, SentryHD software included)
List Price: $459.00
Price: $365.00
You Save: $94.00 (20%)
E750RM2U discont, replaced by E750RTXL2U
E750RM2U discont, replaced by E750RTXL2U
Product Details
Minuteman·Line-interactive·Rack Mountable·600 watt·750 VA·10 minute battery (full load)·8 outlet

The better in Minuteman's popular Enterprise series, the EnterprisePlus LCD offers users more of what has made the series one of the best selling lines. The features include lower cost standard runtime models, an informative LCD Display, and additional outlets vs. previous models. The EnterprisePlus LCD series of UPSs offer complete protection from all electrical problems, including spikes, surges, sags, brownouts, and blackouts, in a versatile rack/tower convertible format. True sine wave electrical output ensures the best power for sensitive electronic equipment.