SKU: 920B
Brand: Astatic
20" Cardioid Mini GooseneMicro phone, 20" overall l
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The Astatic 910B, 915B and the 920B are superior low noise, electret condenser cardioid mini-gooseneck microphones. The 910B, 915B and the 920B microphones have a wide, flat frequency response which provides unsurpassed, natural, transparent sound quality, and warm sound when used close to the sound source. Their cardioid pickup pattern minimizes annoying feedback when used close to sound reinforcement speakers and monitors, while reducing the pickup of unwanted off-axis sounds. The 915B and the 920B microphones differ only in length. The 910B has no center support stiffener. The approximate overall length of the 910B is 10 inches, the 915B is 15 inches and the 920B is 20 inches in length. Windscreen included.