Just connect the video cable to a TV to watch the camera images BL-WV10A Panasonic BL-WV10A set up the network cameras where you want
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Just connect the video cable to a TV to watch the camera images and control up to 8 cameras. You can set up the network cameras where you want, and even access cameras from across the internet1.

Change the Camera Direction by Remote Control!
You can move the camera lens in the direction you want to see by pressing the cursor key on the remote control or even access your favorite angles by using the preset controls (numbers 1-8). This simple remote control lets you operate the camera right from the TV, without having to move the camera by hand.

Human Detection Sensor
The built-in sensor can detect the presence of people and large animals, which can trigger the camera to record images or send an email of the captured image(s) to your computer or cell phone.

Warning Buzzer Informs You When Activity is Detected
Each camera can utilize either a built-in sensor (BL-C10A/BL-C30A) or a commercially available external sensor to detect activity. When the sensor is triggered, a buzzer sound notifies anyone who is near the TV adaptor.

Easily Record Camera Images
By inserting an SD Memory Card into the unit, the camera images can be recorded onto the card. The recorded images can then be displayed on the TV by remote control operation.
  1. The camera must be accessible from the Internet, and the TV adaptor must be connected to a broadband connection.