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Net Cam 12-Port PoE Injector w/ Remote Management PD-6012-AC-M Security Cameras
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This flagship IEEE 802.3af standard compliant Power over Ethernet PD-6012 provides power, as well as data, over standard Ethernet cabling.This midspan eliminates the need for external power supply and its associated AC power cabling, thus providing a highly cost effective, safe and reliable means for powering Voice over IP phones, Wireless LAN access points and IP network video cameras in enterprise installations.

Note: A PoE Midspan (PoE injector) resides between the Ethernet switch and the data terminals, delivering data, along with power, from switch to powered devices. It is a highly effective means for injecting power into LAN cables.


  • Remote Power Feeding -  Power over Ethernet midspans connect to an existing Ethernet infrastructure via standard Category 5 unshielded twisted-pair and shielded twisted-pair cabling. An external splitter may be installed where a device isn't standard compliant.
  • Scalable Solution -  Power over Ethernet midspans support up to twenty-four Ethernet terminals. Multiple midspans can be mounted in a wiring closet to support additional terminals, resulting in a simple, cost effective method for expanding the network, as requirements evolve.
  • Centralized  - Deploying Power over Ethernet in conjunction with a central UPS provides a cost-effective way to distribute back-up power and ensures uninterrupted operation of the network during electrical power failure.
  • Standard Compliance - midspans are fully compatible with IEEE 802.3af standard.
  • Advanced Auto-Sensing Algorithm -  6024/6012/6006 Midspans feature a standard IEEE 802.3af auto-sensing algorithm, as well as a backward compatible prestandard one.
  • Easy to Use - The PowerDsine 6024/6012/6006 Power over Ethernet midspans are plug-and-play products. Once turned on, they automatically detect all Power over Ethernet terminals and supply inline power.
  • Concise LED Displays - Real-time network monitoring through the front panel, includes a bi-color, per-port LED, indicating normal, overload or short-circuit conditions.
  • Compact Size - The standard 19-inch, 1U high Power over Ethernet midspans allow easy rack mounting, while occupying minimal space in the wiring closet.
  • Power Management -  6024/6012/6006 midspans include enhanced power management capabilities by controlling the output power per port in the event of limited available power.