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Net Cam 12-Port PoE Midspan AC Input w/ Management PD-6512-AC-M Security Cameras
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FEATURES- 12-port Power over Ethernet Midspan
The PowerDsine 6500 series sets a new standard for highly secure,
remotely-managed and safe-to-use Power over Ethernet Midspans (PoE
PowerDsine 6500 series comprises 48, 24, 12 and 6-port models,
making an even wider range of flexible Power over Ethernet
installations possible.
PowerDsine 6500 family allows IP telephones, wireless LAN access
points, security network cameras and many other types of data
terminals to receive power, along with data, over standard Ethernet
cables, leaving network infrastructure completely unaltered. With
PoE, data and power flow smoothly and safely over a single LAN
cable with no interference.
A PoE Midspan (PoE injector) resides between the Ethernet switch and
the data terminals, delivering data, along with power, from switch
to powered devices. It is a highly effective means for injecting
power into LAN cables.
With support for SNMP, 6500 series Midspans offer the most advanced
and highly secure network management options, enabling full control
over all Midspan operation aspects.
PowerDsine 6500 series Midspans, which fully comply with the IEEE
802.3af PoE definition standard, provide a minimum of 15.4 Watts of
power through each port and ensure safe operation of any standard
PoE data terminal.
* Simplicity
The 6500 Midspan (PoE injector) is a plug-and-play product - once turned
on, it initiates a negotiation process with all connected data
terminals, then powers all valid powered devices detected. Users may opt
to have the Midspan operate continuously or, alternatively, may use the
Midspan's management facilities to control and monitor the device. For
the greatest possible ease of use, no reconfiguration of the switch is
ever required.
* Scalability & Flexibility
The 6500 Series supports large installations using multiple 48 or
24-port units, in places where multi-user IP telephony systems are
installed. 12 and 6-port models optimally suit smaller installations
where WLAN access points and security cameras are involved. The Midspan
optimizes PoE port count since an existing switch can be used along with
a Midspan that supports only the exact number of required PoE ports.
* Powerful Management
PowerDsine's PowerView Pro application provides a Web-based network
management system that supports SNMPv3.
PowerView Pro is fully standards-compliant and may be managed by such
common management platforms as HP OpenView, SNMPc and others. Supported
management functions include switching on and off of specific ports,
setting Midspan parameters and monitoring Midspan activity. For example,
a remote access point can be reset in case of failure by issuing a
simple command. Additionally, an alarm can be generated when this same
access point fails to accept power from the Midspan.
* Airtight Security
Powerful security mechanisms guard the Midspan from outside threats of
any kind. An MD5 authentication algorithm is invoked during link
establishment, while a DES privacy algorithm maintains continuous
runtime operational safety.
* Compatibility
The 6500 series enables interoperability with any 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
switch and with virtually any type of powered device.
* Standards Compliance
All 6500 series Midspans comply with the IEEE 802.3af standard, enabling
full interoperability with common powered devices and ensuring the
safety of non-PoE terminals (such as desktop/laptop computers), even in
the face of faulty power provision that could have resulted in electric
* Legacy Powered Device Support
6500 series Midspans may be used to power pre-standard PoE applications,
such as Cisco legacy terminals and others. PowerDsine's Active Splitter
component enables the support of pre-standard applications, where no
accommodations for PoE power provision through RJ45 inlets have been
made. A list of interoperable powered devices can be found in
PowerDsine's Selection Guide.
* Future-Proof Investment
Midspan deployment effectively extends the effective lifespan of your
network equipment. 6500 series Midspans may be fully integrated with
existing networks, saving the need to swap out non- PoE switches for
ones with PoE capabilities.
* Minimal Network Downtime
Midspan installation is designed to ensure that organizational
productivity remains as high as possible, typically involving network
downtime of no more than a few hours.
* Centralized Power Distribution
The Midspan, backed by a central UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply),
provides cost-effective distribution of backed-up power and ensures
uninterrupted network operation, even in cases of electrical power
* Cost Savings
Deploying 6500 series Midspans is far less costly than upgrading to a
PoE switch, or buying a brand new one.Midspan installation is
considerably easier than switch installation - driving costs lower.

-- SPECIFICATIONs -----------------------------------
CONNECTORS - PoE ports & management port: RJ-45, shielded, EIA 568A, 568B
Console port: DB-9, Male
ETHERNET - 10/100BaseTX
ELECTRICAL - Power Supply : 100-240 VAC
Input Current : 4A @ 110V, 2A @ 220V
AC Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage : 48VDC (on pins: 4/5(+), 7/8 (-))
Power (per port): 15.4 W min.
Available Power : 200W total
ENVIRONMENTAL- Operating Temperature: 32 ~ 104 degrees F
Storage Temperature : -4 ~ 158 degrees F
Operating Humidity : 10 ~ 90% max, non-condensing
Storage Humidity : 5 ~ 95% max, non-condensing
Thermal Rating : 285 BTU/Hr (@ 240VAC)
RELIABILITY - NTBF: 100,000 hours @ 25 degrees C
DISPLAYS - AC Power LED indicator
Per-Port LED indicator)
MANAGEMENT - SNMPv3 and Telnet Multiple agents accessible through single
management entity.
Web-Management via PowerView Pro application
SECURITY - MD5 authentication
DES privacy algorithm
STANDARDS - Supports IEEE 802.3af (Power over Ethernet); RFC 3621 (Power
over Ethernet MIB).
APPROVALS - UL, cUL, GS Mark, EN 60950
EN55022 (CISPR 22) Class B, EN55024 (CISPR 24), CE, VCCI
DIMENSIONS - 17.3"w x 1.75"h x 10.8"d WT.- 8.8 lbs.