SKU: PD-AS401-12-5533
Net Cam PoE Splitter w/ Power Connector PD-AS401-12-5533 Security Cameras
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Product Details
Enables fast and easy integration of Power over Ethernet technology into legacy equipment
  • Separates the converged data and power lines into two distinctive lines, connecting to the Ethernet device according to the original design.
  • Saves time and money in installation of Ethernet networks and promotes the benefits of using one central source to power all the IP devices in the network.
  • Simplifies the modification of a device to be Power over Ethernet enabled, saving all the risks involved in redesign of the power stage in this device by a simple add on box.
  • Short Circuit Protection: The active splitter supplies a totally secure power source, keeping the Ethernet device fully protected against any misuse or mistaken connection.
  • Complete Isolation: The active splitter protects the hazards of ground loop currents, which typically exist when an Ethernet device has a metallic case. Two adjacent devices that share the same power source and touch each other create ground loops. The active splitter has an internal floating power source eliminating this phenomenon completely.