Quadrox Brand Recording DVR Server 500GB Storage WEBCCTV-NVR500 Security Cameras
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Product Details
Quadrox Brand Recording DVR Server 500GB Storage

The Panasonic WEBCCTV-NVR500 is an industrial grade NVR capable of managing up to 16 IP cameras for viewing, recording and control over a network. Designed for maximum compatibility, this NVR supports a wide range of IP camera codecs, and records video in ASF (Advanced Systems Format), a file format recognized by most Windows media players.

Key Features

• Supports Multiple Codecs
IP cameras do not have to be of a specific type, but can be a mix of cameras utilizing almost any compression format including JPEG, JPEG2000, MPEG-4 as well as all WM compatible codecs.
• Internal DVD Burner
A built-in DVD burner greatly enhances security functionality. It allows event footage to be easily recorded to an optical disc for quick transfer to a PC or for archiving purposes.
• OPC (Open Process) Alarm Management
In keeping with the NVR's emphasis on compatibility, this recorder utilizes OPC technology to ensure the reliable handling of alarm events communicated using industry standard sensors and protocols.
• Low Bandwidth Data Transmission Option
To maximize storage and network resources, users can choose to view live images in a lower bandwidth and at the same time record footage in a higher bandwidth and therefore higher quality compression method.