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Brand: Clarity
AM-6000 ALERTMASTER W/ DOOR BELL & BED SHAKER 01865 Notification Systems
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Out of Stock; Discontinued. Replacement see 52510-120
Product Details
01865 Alertmaster w/ Doorbell and Bed Shaker Alertmaster with doorbell and bedshaker Designed for people with moderate to profound hearing loss Ideal for the Deaf Optional accessories can alert you to a baby crying or the presence of an intruder For use in homes and offices Flashes a connected lamp and shakes your bed to alert you to activities within the home Lighted LEDs indicate the following events: ringing telephone, alarm clock, doorbell, loud sound, motion sensor or audio alarm (may require optional accessories) Includes powerful bedshaker for night-time notification Includes wireless doorbell Distinct flashing patterns and lighted icons on unit help you distinguishbetween the telephone and the doorbell Simple set up, no wiring required, just plug it in Various accessories allow you to customize the system for your specific household or lifestyle needs Extend the AlertMaster system to multiple locations using 1 or more AMRX2 remote receivers (not included) Send and receive pages from optional personal signalers (not included) Rebroadcasts notification alerts to remote receivers Large, lighted button to easily turn lamp off/on Security timer can be set to turn a lamp on or off at selected times Battery back-up in case of power outageADDITIONAL/REPLACEMENT PARTS: AME-AM-PX: vibrating personal signaler AME-AM-PXB: vibrating and tactile personal signaler for the Deaf/Blind AME-AM-SX: motion sensor notification AME-AM-DX: door announcer (notification for an intercom, doorbell, chime, door knock) AME-AM-BX: baby monitor (alerts user to the sound of a baby crying) AME-AM-RX2: remote receiver AME-AM-AX: notifies user of any audio alert (timer, smoke detector)CLARITYAM6000