Automated Conferencing

Conference Calling with Simple Reservations

Automated conferencing allows you to make a reservation for your call and conduct it without the assistance of an operator. By dialing your permanent toll-free number and entering your passcode you and your participants are immediately placed into the conference call.

Automated conferencing is an easy-to-use audio conferencing solution with the security of a reservation. It is ideal for:

  • Hosting weekly status reports
  • Following up after live meetings
  • Conducting committee meetings
  • Announcing department updates
  • Introducing new products
  • Hosting sales presentations

Automated conferencing is a fast and dependable service that will keep you linked to your colleagues, partners and customers.

  • Make your reservations with an InterCall operator or online up to 15 minutes before your call's start time.
  • Conduct your reserved Automated conferences without the assistance of an operator and no time limits.
  • Request operator assistance with the touch of a button on your telephone keypad.


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