Microsoft® Office Live Meeting

Web/Online Conferencing Solution for Meetings

Microsoft® Office Live Meeting, offered by InterCall is a web conferencing service that lets you host interactive, collaborative meetings by showing presentations, software and web sites. Using Office Live Meeting, you can mute and unmute lines and dial out to additional participants from the web interface. Microsoft Office integration, custom slides, reporting tools, recording and printing to PDF are just a few of the features Live Meeting offers to help you make the most of your meeting.


With Live Meeting, you can:

  • Manage your audio portion of your meeting online with the click of a mouse from your Live Meeting interface.
  • Create custom slides by adding text, whiteboard, web pages, polling or snapshots to your PowerPoint® slide deck.
  • Give everyone instant access to the materials being discussed so they can save and print the presentation content—no more waiting to distribute your pertinent conference information.

Ideal Uses

Making everyday meetings interactive and engaging is a challenge when you are conducting them solely over the phone. This flexible tool can be configured to suit the needs of your conferenceno matter what size or type.

Use Live Meeting for:

  • Hosting product release webinars
  • Delivering follow-up sales presentations
  • Conducting corporate initiative meetings

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