WebEx, MeetingCenter

A Web Conference Solution for Meetings

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MeetingCenter, a web conference solution powered by Cisco WebEx, is the ultimate collaborative platform for your day-to-day business communication needs. Engage your participants by sharing a PowerPoint® presentation, demonstrating software, showing web site navigation and transferring files. Reservationless-PlusSM integration allows you to control the audio portion of your meeting directly from within the web interface.

With WebEx, you can:

  • Share anything on your desktop with your participants to instantly make decisions, streamline project meetings and conduct more effective live demos.
  • Schedule your meeting in a few short steps with Quick Scheduler. Choose from the saved meeting templates you have created or use the Advance Scheduler to edit meeting features and access additional options.
  • Record and edit your presentation before providing the recorded meeting link for employees to access.



Ideal Uses

Increase the effectiveness and productivity of your meetings by making faster, more accurate business decisions everyday.

Use WebEx MeetingCenter for:

  • Collaborating on a product plans
  • Presenting weekly sales meetings with added visuals
  • Sharing sales and financial projections
  • Annotating technical documents
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