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2006 - Present: Frost & Sullivan Conferencing Service Provider of the Year

read the article...Your communications needs change depending on who you have to meet with and what you want to discuss. From sales demos and team meetings to marketing seminars and investor relations calls, InterCall is the largest conferencing services provider in the world and has a solution that will help you make better connections.
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InterCall has web conferencing and audio conferencing services for your everyday meetings. Bring people together, from anywhere in the world, and get things done quickly.
Give your meetings more impact and truly connect with your audience using InterCall's advanced, interactive audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing services. We offer a range of conference call services to fit your needs so you'll get the results you expect.

  • Reservationless-PlusSM—hold your conference call at any time without making a reservation. Additional call management features are available online. Reservationless pdf
  • Automated Conferencing—make a reservation for your call using a dedicated dial-in number and passcode to enter the conference without operator assistance.
  • Operator Assisted—add professionalism and features to your conferences with the help of expert operators. It's the best service for large or high-profile calls.
  • Direct Event—get the speed of Automated call entry, while still engaging an operator to execute special functions.
  • InterCall Web Meetingenable better interaction and meet more often using InterCall Web Meeting. It brings you a unified, collaborative meeting experience by integrating audio, web and video conferencing into one easy-to-use service.
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting, offered by InterCallhost interactive, collaborative meetings by showing presentations, software and web sites.
  • Meeting Center, powered by WebExuse the Internet to share a PowerPoint® presentation, demonstrate software or show web site navigation.
  • Mshow®—connect with virtually anyone in the world using comprehensive event conferencing features, including streaming, slideshows and rich media or video integration.
  • Event Center™, powered by WebEx—get everything you need to manage your online event, from planning the seminar to conducting the meeting to post-event follow-up.
  • Support Center, powered by WebExallow technical support professionals to transfer issues between reps, gather system information and diagnose desktop issues online.
  • Training Center, powered by WebEx—deliver live, interactive training sessions. Share presentations, software and web sites, test and poll your participants and hold breakout sessions.
  • InterCall Video Conferencing®—make a virtual meeting feel more like a face-to-face one. InterCall's video solutions help you conduct conferences, manage and purchase equipment and locate public room rentals.


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