Direct Event Conferencing

Audio Conferencing for Large Events

The Direct Event conferencing service allows you to take advantage of the scalability and customization of Operator Assisted conferencing combined with the convenience of Automated conferencing. Participants join your large event conference call by entering a passcode, eliminating the need to be connected by an operator. You can select from over 40 features to tailor each Direct Event conference call to your business communication needs.

Direct Event is a flexible audio conferencing solution that provides customized features. It is the ideal service for:

  • Hosting company-wide quarterly review calls
  • Conducting board meetings
  • Launching products
  • Holding press conferences
  • Announcing mergers and acquisitions
  • Hosting guest speaker events

With Direct Event audio conferencing, you get the best of both worlds—the variety of features available with Operator Assisted conferencing and the simplicity of Automated conferencing.

  • Expedite call entry with passcodes to allow participants to be placed into the event automatically without the assistance of an operator, reducing hold times on your call’s front end.
  • Use Direct Event Registration before your call and automatically collect information about your attendees as they enter the audio conference.
  • Streamline entry into your conference with permanent leader and participant dial-in numbers, ensuring that everyone is joined to the event quickly and efficiently.
  • Customize your event conference with InterCall’s comprehensive features, including participant reports, recording, streaming, Q&A and transcription. Find out about more options.


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