Audio Conferencing Services

No matter what type of meeting you need to hold, InterCall's audio conferencing services give you a variety of features supported by expert service. From having access to an instant conference to working with our knowledgeable staff who help you plan and conduct an investor relations call, you can count on InterCall to offer you easy-to-use audio conferencing solutions.

Most Common Audio Connections

  • Reservationless-Plus—access an audio conference call whenever you need to get people together. No reservations required-all you need to initiate a call is your permanent toll free dial-in number, conference code and PIN. Reservationless-Plus pdfoffers a variety of features to enhance your audio conference call, including record and playback, project codes for bill back, toll-free dial-in for international participants and operator assistance. Our online call management tool even lets you schedule, start, present and archive your audio conference on the web.
  • Automated—make a reservation for your audio conference call and conduct it without the assistance of an operator. By dialing your permanent toll-free number and entering your passcode, you and your participants are immediately placed into the conference.

These audio conferencing services are only pennies per minute, the lowest/cheapest audio conferencing rates without a contractual agreement, minimum commitment, or monthly charge. We make sure our customers have the best service in the industry for the lowest rates.

Enhanced Audio Connections

  • Operator Assisted—streamline and manage your most demanding audio conference calls with this scalable, customized solution. Whether your audience is a dozen executives, investors and analysts or a 2500 member sales force, InterCall brings everyone together in one seamlessly planned, managed and executed event. Reservations are made over the phone or online, and you can add extra features, like Q&A, recording or transcription, to ensure you get everything you need from your call. At the time of your conference, participants dial a toll-free number and are greeted by an InterCall operator who places them into your meeting.
  • Direct Event—take advantage of the scalability and customization of Operator Assisted combined with the convenience of Automated audio conferencing. Participants join your conference call by entering a passcode, eliminating the need to be connected by an operator. You can select from over 40 features to tailor each Direct EventSM call to your business communication needs.
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