EW112PG2-B SENNHEISER Evolution G2 100 Series - UHF Lavalier System (626 ... Information on the EW112PG2-B System Type of System Camera Mount
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Bodypack Transmitter with ME4 Cardioid Lavalier and Portable Receiver, CL1 audio output cable, CL100 audio output cable and CA2 shoe-mount adapter.
The Evolution G2 Series is the latest addition to Sennheiser's Evolution family of wireless microphones. The UHF wireless microphone system features 1440 tunable frequencies and 4 frequency presets. This system includes the EK100G2 camera mountable receiver, SK100G2 body-pack transmitter and ME4 omnidirectional lavalier microphone.
The EK100G2 receiver is made of a durable metal enclosure and features a full functional LED display. The receiver features a 1/8" unbalanced TRS mini output for quick connection to camcorders. The receiver features 4 preset memory locations that can be reassigned to any of the 1,440 available frequencies, within the 32 MHz tuning range. The SK100G2 body-pack transmitter features an identically designed enclosure as the receiver. It also features an LCD display and 4 preset memory locations that can be reassigned to any of the available 1,440 frequencies. The transmitter features an 1/8" locking-mini input for compatible lavalier microphones. The ME4 cardioid lavalier microphone features a sensitivity and frequency response suitable for capturing in the most demanding environments.