01-CLASSRM-11 power levels can be easily adjusted to allow systems to be used in adjacent classrooms. (charger base, transmitter/receiver, and Revo Wireless Wearable Microphone)
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The Revolabs Classroom Wireless Amplification System allows the teacher to speak in a normal voice and the students can hear every word.

Superb Sound Quality– Digital RF Simplicity
Unmatched audio performance with wireless convenience is brought into the classroom. The System will automatically select RF channels to avoid interference; it does not require the teacher to change channels to avoid interference as with IR Systems. Classroom System can be easily adjusted to the appropriate power setting to allow systems to be used in adjacent classrooms.

Unobtrusive Microphone
The Classroom Amplification System includes a Revolabs RF Armor Wearable Wireless Microphone. It is small and ultra light, measuring just 2.5 inches high, about one inch across and weighing mere ounces. Also, it is impervious to GSM noise from cell phones and PDAs.

Rechargeable, No Batteries or Battery Packs
The Revolabs Wireless Microphone is rechargeable and the battery provides eight hours of talk time, a full school day, so there are no batteries or battery packs to worry about. A recharge to 85 percent capacity can be attained in about 45 minutes. The System includes a Charger Base which can be put anywhere there is a standard electrical outlet. This allows the Wireless Microphone to be stored and charged in a locked office or closet.

The Revolabs Classroom Wireless Amplification System comes with everything needed to install an amplification system in a classroom environment. 01-CLASSRM-11 includes the Revolabs RF Armor Wearable Wireless Microphone, a Charger Base, and a Transmitter/Receiver. 01-CLASSRM-11 does NOT include powered speakers.

Once installed, the teacher or professor simply removes the Wireless Microphone from the Charger Base, clips it on a lapel or the lanyard provided, and un-mutes the System by pressing the Mute Button on the microphone. The microphone is muted when it is removed to eliminate any noise that may occur while the teacher puts the microphone on. The Mute Button is very accessible and can be turned on and off easily. When finished with the microphone, it is placed back in the Charger Base to recharge.

Simply install the speakers (NOT INCLUDED in 01-CLASSRM-11 package). Attach the Transmitter/Receiver Box to the powered speaker, cable them together and plug them both into a wall power outlet. Charge the Wireless Microphone in the Charger Base after plugging the Base into a power source.


  • Size: 0.9” (2.3 cm) x 0.8” (2.03 cm) x 2.6” (6.6 cm)
  • Weight: 0.05 lb (0.02 kg)
  • Radio Frequency: 1.92-1.93 GHz (DECT in UPCS)
  • Acoustic Pickup Pattern: Cardiod
  • Range: 65’ (20 m) approximately, various settings, Out-of-range alarm
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer, Up to 8 hours talk time
  • Audio Bandwidth: 100-6800 Hz
  • Encryption: 128-bit
  • Includes: 24 “ (60.96 cm) Lanyard

  • Size: 3.9” x 2.4” x 1.0” (10 cm x 6 cm x 2.56 cm)
  • Connectors:
    Power-5V DC, proprietary 0.7 mm
    Mini USB-5 pin connector
    Audio unbalanced In/Out 2.5mm
    Tip: Audio Out
    Ring: Audio In
    Shield: GNC
  • Power Adapter: 110V AC, 60Hz to 5V DC, 300mA

  • Size: 3.9” x 2.4” x 1.0” (10 cm x 6 cm x 2.56 cm)
  • Power Adapter: 110V AC, 60Hz to 5V DC, 300mA