SKU: 91-004-414003
Brand: Zyxel
ZyXEL VES-1124-VDSL 24-Port IP QAM-Based Switch
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Product Details
If you need to create ethernet connections in locations where you are can't install new cabling this might be the solution for you. The VES-1124 gives you the possibility to create an ethernet connection over 2 copper wires, you can utilize for example existing phone lines and upgrade them to ethernet + phone service.
Speeds up to 15Mbps symmetrical (so 15Mbps up + 15Mbps down) can be reached over distances up to 1,5Km.
The modem needed is the ZyXEL Prestige 841-25, no settings need to be done. Everything is setup via the web interface in the VES-1124. Up to 24 VDSL connections can be setup with one switch. Uplinking is done over two 100Base-TX ports.
This solution has proven itself in many projects in hotels, conference centres, holiday parks, apartment buildings and industrial complexes. It's an easy to setup and very cost effective solution. We now offer very interesting product bundles.