D0069-134D-00-00 (68621 replacement)

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Aastra D0069-134D-00-00 DECT Access Point RFP 34 D0069-134D-00-00 IP IP base station enables the complete integration of DECT radio networks in the IP world, UPC: 775668808328
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Discontinued and the closest replacement is RFP L36 IP - IP-DECT Base Station, Outdoor (68621)
D0069-134D-00-00 (68621 replacement)
D0069-134D-00-00 (68621 replacement)
Product Details
DECT Access Point RFP 34 - Aastra D0069-134D-00-00

The IP-capable DECT RFP 34 IP base station enables the complete integration of DECT radio networks in the IP infrastructure. It supports eight simultaneous calls, and power is supplied either by means of a separate plug-in adapter or via Power-over-LAN. This is the outdoor variant of the RFP 32 IP and has identical features. It offers ingress protection in compliance with IP 55. If required, it can be additionally equipped with a directional antenna or a dipole antenna.

The Radio Fixed Parts RFP 32 IP and RFP 34 IP are connected directly to the LAN like a VoIP device and use the benefits of established DECT technology for radio transmission. This ensures full compatibility with cordless DECT terminals, which are available as system telephones and standard GAP terminals. The VoIP solution is particularly suitable for branch offices that are connected to a company’s headquarters via IP routes. The integrated mobile handsets act as normal company extensions, which means that staff can always be reached on their telephone number, regardless of whether they are currently in headquarters or one of the branch offices. Using shared IP connections for data and telephony cuts down on the need for extra infrastructure and therefore reduces costs. The RFP 32 IP is the indoor version and the RFP 34 IP is the outdoor version.